I wanted to talk first about the Doctors series. How did you start that project, had you always imagined it as a series?

    Honestly, no. I did Nine, Ten, and Eleven first. I felt like they’d be the most recognizable, and their costumes were relatively straightforward. But once I’d finished the New Who Doctors, I felt compelled to make all the original ones as well.  I still have very fond memories of sitting on the floor of our living room, watching Tom Baker on PBS with my folks.


    How long did the complete series take?

    It’s hard to say, since I usually do them while doing a billion other things. I’d say maybe two to three hours for each one? And when I first did them, Capaldi hadn’t been announced yet, so it was originally just those eleven.  So then when they announced Capaldi, I sat there eagerly awaiting the first promotional photo so I could make him too.


    How do you choose what’s iconic about each of them.

    Well, in some cases there wasn’t really much choice. I started with the ones who either had really iconic outfits (Four through Seven), and then went about finding similarly proportioned images of the others so they would flow well all together. They all have to have roughly the same amount of neck/shoulder showing, roughly the same head size. Otherwise they can end up looking very weird. And once I had all twelve done, a clock seemed like the most logical progression. I’m very happy I made them into a clock.


    Although there are a lot in the series, none of them overwhelm each other.

    Thank you, that’s what I was aiming for! We all have “Our Doctor” but I didn’t want any to stand out more than any others. Because they’re all so integral to each other.


    So do you have a favorite in your series? I realize this might be a “choose your favorite child,” kind of question.

    I’m torn between Four, Five, and Eight. Yeah. And really, in my head once I put them all together they sort of become one larger unit, you know?


    Okay I have to ask you about Lupita! What about her inspired you to create the series?

    Her amazing sense of colour, really. She always dresses so impeccably. She knows what shapes suit her body, and what colours set off her gorgeous skin. I’d been wanting to do a series of full-body ones, but couldn’t think of what series would work well and then awards season rolled around, and I kept seeing these gorgeous photos of her in these elegant, structural, dramatic gowns and I knew I had to try I had no idea if they’d work out at first.


    Which was the first one you created?

    The first one I did was the blue one with the bejeweled collar. I knew I wanted to do a series. I set out to find photos of her in a “rainbow” of gowns. I never did find a purple one, but she ended up wearing one afterwards! This year’s Oscars, I think?



    I believe this is your only full-body series?  Have you thought about doing others or are you more drawn to the portrait?  

    Generally, I’m more drawn to portraits. Full bodies can end up being excessively finicky, and in a lot of cases it’s not entirely obvious who or what they’re intended to be. I might do another, maybe something like Downton Abbey? They have beautiful wardrobes. I might also do some cartoon-style full body ones, Steven Universe or Adventure Time would probably work well.

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