The Holmeses and their Watsons were one of the first series I remember you creating. They really jumped out as something very unique.

    Thank you. That’s the first set I was really proud of. I did a set of most of the characters from Sherlock, but I’m sort of ambivalent about some of those. These ones though, the second series, I was really happy with how they all looked together.


    How was the reception to this series, being one of your first?

    Generally, it was overwhelmingly positive. Unfortunately, as with the internet, there’s always that voice of dissent. Because there have been so many adaptations of the stories, I got a fair number of “why didn’t you include X?” But really, there’s no way I could realistically have done every adaptation. Primarily the two that people missed were the Rathbone/Bruce and House, of all things. A few people thought I’d chosen the “wrong” Watson for the Granada one. Which pains me; because I think they both did great jobs. Honestly, I chose that one because of the scarf. It’s so dapper!

    I really loved your Karl Urbans!  You mentioned that you had shown your series to him?

    Yeah, I made them specifically for him. I have a sort of ridiculous embarrassing crush on the guy

    I wanted to give him a little gift when I met him for a photo op. I nearly forgot, too. I fainted right before meeting him, so when the EMTs finally cleared me and brought me in he looked all worried and hugged me. So by that point I was basically functioning on auto-pilot. But he said they were really awesome. At first he sort of looked confused and went “Oh, can I draw my face on them?” I stammered and joked that I didn’t think I could have done his face justice, but if he thought he could to go ahead. And then he went “No, I’m joking” and looked at them again and was like “These are actually really cool, thank you” in that delicious Kiwi accent and hugged me again. It was pretty much the high point of my faux-papercraft career. He’s a very nice and gracious guy. He also smells ridiculously good, but that’s neither here nor there.


    So how did you choose on these three Urban incarnations?

    Well, I actually did the Kennex one as part of a set for Almost Human. I’d done some Star Trek ones, but they were nowhere near the calibre of the newer stuff I was doing, and in a totally different proportion/ratio to the existing Kennex. So I decided to redo Bones. Because Bones. I waffled a bit on a third one. I debated doing Vaako, I debated doing Cupid. Hell, I even debated doing something really obscure as a joke. Like Rob from the Price of Milk or Munder from Ghost Ship. But in the end, I felt compelled to do the Dredd helmet and scruff.


    So what do you have in the papercraft pipeline?

    Honestly, I am not sure. For a while I was taking commissions on a site called Fiverr. But I was only getting four dollars per portrait, and it was hard to motivate myself to do papercrafts of strangers. It’s very hard to portray personality in someone with a buzz cut and a white t-shirt and nothing else, you know?

    The dragons are fun. They help me get currency on the game they’re from, Flight Rising. I suspect I’ll do a new Sherlock set when the Victorian-themed special comes out.  Lots of room for fun detail there, I bet. And oh man. Steven Universe. I think I’ve figured out my next project! Possibly also Mad Max.

    My primary fandom right now is book-based, and someone else made non-paper silhouettes of the main characters, so I can’t really see myself essentially rehashing someone else’s amazing artwork. So yeah… Mad Max and Steven Universe. There goes my free time for the next few weeks.


    What is inspiring you now?

    Well, I am totally multi-fandom trash. Lots of the aforementioned Steven Universe and Mad Max, getting back into Sherlock with the news about the special. But the one I referenced earlier is a series of m/m suspense/mystery/romance novels called Cut & Run, by Abigail Roux.

    It’s about two FBI agents who are partnered up and basically hate each other in the beginning, and they fall in love. It’s really fun and sweet.


    Are you creating for the Cut & Run fandom?

    Some graphics, lots of fic. The popular headcanon for one of the two leads is Karl Urban, which is mostly how I got sucked into it.  I also did some customizing of Funko Pop! figures to look like the four main characters.


    One last question, what question do you wish people would ask you about your art?

    “Can I give you a million dollars for it?” Haha no, seriously? Hmm.. I guess I like being asked what inspires me. Because often, it enables me to share other awesome fan-works with people, or get people hooked on a new fandom. Like, I know I dragged several people into the C&R books because I started writing and making edits, and they were curious, so that made me really happy, getting to share something I love. The internet is pretty amazing for that. It’s one reason I love making fanfic covers. It’s the best way I can express my “YOU HAVE TO READ THIS AWESOME FIC” feelings. “LOOK HOW COOL IT WOULD LOOK IF IT WERE A BOOK! COME READ IT!”

    *does the Will Smith-style gesture at stuff*

    Will Smith Gesture

    Do you still create them?

    Sometimes. I haven’t honestly read much fic lately. I was working two jobs plus contracts for a while, and I basically had a full-fledged burnout, tremors, migraines, the whole shebang

    But now I’m down to one regular job, and things are getting better. So hopefully I’ll be reading more fic, writing more fic, making more covers…


    I hope so too, I always look forward to your new works! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me!  


    You can find more of Diane’s supercool faux-papercraft as well as her fandom musings, and fanfiction covers on her tumblr. You can buy prints, hoodies, and t-shirts of her faux-papercraft at society6. And as she IS a polymath, you can also find her Sherlock and Cut & Run fanfiction on Archive of Our Own.

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