Adventuring and Chronicling Are Hard - IReallyShouldBeDrawing

    Adventuring and Chronicling Are Hard – IReallyShouldBeDrawing


    To ask you the second question you want to be asked… What is the story behind this piece, what is the moment we are witnessing?

    This is based on the Iron Man Noir comics, in which Tony Stark is an adventurer in the 1940s. Steve Rogers is not in the Iron Man Noir comics, but my headcanon is that Project Rebirth was not a success or Steve didn’t enlist, I still haven’t made up my mind about this, and he ended up as Tony’s chronicler instead. In this piece, they just got back from an adventure and Tony was relaxing while answering Steve’s questions here and there about their latest quest. Steve is tidying up his notes and sketches for the next Marvels issue, a magazine about Tony’s adventures.

    I love domesticity scenes because they make the characters more relatable and more real and it’s a shame that superhero comics don’t have enough of them.


    What about the Iron Man Noir comic series drew you to it? Was it this series that pushed you to create art for this fandom?

    What I love about Iron Man Noir is how happier Tony seems. It’s the perfect setting for what I want from my Steve/Tony, where I want Tony to have fewer issues, to have a better support system, better self-esteem, and be more seasoned. And I want Steve to be the one who pines after Tony instead.

    I made my first Steve/Tony art long before the Noir AU though, it was MCU. It got me into fandom in the first place.


    What are you working on now?

    I’m still waiting for my entry to go live on the Cap/IM Tiny Bang and hoping someone will write something based on that. Also I’m drumming my fingers for Cap/IM Big Bang fic preview in September. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of the stories. I’m a sucker for fanwork exchanges.

    The fic-art collaboration 30 Ways to Wake Your Watsons Up that I started with ColebaltBlue is still on hold, but we’re determined to finish it.

    On the personal side, I’ve been putting together some new artwork for my portfolio and sending out self-promotion emailers. Wish me luck!


    Oh wow! Best of luck!!


    Someone to Come Home to - ireallyshouldbedrawing

    Someone to Come Home to – ireallyshouldbedrawing


    I’m absolutely in love with this piece. The colors are so beautiful, the shades of blue with the accent of ironman red and gold. It’s stylistically very different than the other pieces you selected. Can you tell me your process behind creating this piece?

    No serious process. This was just me trying to draw like Pascal Campion and failing. Ha ha! I adore this artist’s style and how effortless his strokes are. Seriously, his drawings are magic.

    The Superhusbands feels though, they’re real. I tried to put as many feels as I could into most of my drawings, but this one has some serious ones.


    Definitely, this piece really tells a wonderful story. What other artists inspire your work?

    At the moment: Dick Bruna, Hugo Pratt, Polly Guo, Chris Samnee, Kenny Park (have you seen his Hermes/Hermès series? Gorgeous.)

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