A Clue! - ireallyshouldbedrawing

    A Clue! – ireallyshouldbedrawing


    This is another one of my favorites; I love the motion and the angles of Sherlock in this piece. What was the inspiration behind this one?

    This was basically a Sherlock take on a very amusing scene from “The Boscombe Valley Mystery”, where Watson was swooning over Holmes who was looking for clues while snarking on Lestrade.


    This piece is a neat mashup, being inspired by the original ACD story but representing it with the modern Sherlock. Do you often mix and match between the ACD canon and the different incarnations of Sherlock?

    Thank you, and absolutely. It wasn’t deliberate, but I used to do this to the modern interpretations, like Sherlock or Elementary. It’s fun to sneak in canon references and wait to see if people get them. It’s also fascinating to mix something old and something new together.


    I remember when you created this piece, I saw it come across my dash quite a bit, and it received about 12,000 notes. 

    Goodness, 12k huh. It does have a clear and relatable message and people tend to go with that kind of simplicity.


    Do you often interact with fans of your work? What’s that experience been like?

    I try to reply to every message I get on tumblr (only the reasonable ones), or to all replies to posts I made. Turning off anon was apparently a good choice because I rarely have weird asks in my inbox. I’m boring, I know.


    Case Solved - ireallyshouldbedrawing

    Case Solved – ireallyshouldbedrawing



    You’ve drawn many incarnations of the Holmes/Watson team. Does your style and approach vary depending on the era (BBC vs ACD)?

    Different eras don’t affect the style, but the content usually does. I don’t usually draw humour the same way I draw romance or angst.


    Do you have a particular theme or emotion that you enjoy drawing/exploring more than others?

    Fluff or romance. I’m a sap.


    How would you describe the difference in your styles between humor and romance or angst?

    I used to do naturalistic approach for drawing romance and angst and really stylized for humor. I’ve been trying to find a more consistent style though, whether it’s for drawing humor or romance or angst.

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