Hush, Watson - ireallyshouldbedrawing

    Hush, Watson – ireallyshouldbedrawing


    This image sums up the Holmes/Watson dynamic in one perfect gesture.  Every time I look at it, I have to laugh at Watson’s expression. What’s the story behind this piece?

    This was created for an anti-hero zine that fell through, but I had fun making it.

    Holmes could be brash sometimes, even to Watson. That’s the anti-hero quality I was trying to show here. Like when Holmes was off going detecting/crime-fighting by himself without telling Watson anything.

    Drawing this was liberating, because it was “messy”. I’ve never made a drawing with so much black area and crude lines before and it was awesome. I was in my Basil Rathbone phase then, and I based this Holmes on him. Actually I based most of my recent Holmes on Basil Rathbone because he’s the Holmes for me.


    I love your use of black in this piece.  So has this piece change how you approach your work? Have you incorporated the freedom of “messiness” going forward?

    Thanks! It did encourage me to use more solid black area, but I’m still working on being more comfortable with using crude/messy lines.


    The upcoming Sherlock Special will be taking us back to the classic ACD Holmes. Has any of it sparked your interest to create more art in this fandom?

    I honestly don’t know. I was deeply skeptical about Season 3, but I managed to create a few drawings based on it. It was mostly the showrunners’ attitude that had put me off; the materials had only played little part. But we’ll see.

    They Say Life Begins at Retirement - ireallyshouldbedrawing

    They Say Life Begins at Retirement – ireallyshouldbedrawing


    What was your process in creating this piece, it looks like it was created in variety of mediums. Did you work completely in Photoshop?

    Ahhh retirement feels! This was completely done in digital (yes Photoshop) from sketch to finish, but watercolor texture was used. I think that what gives the traditional feel.

    I use textures a lot because most of the time they put the whole art together and gives good finishing touches, even helps to add moods.


    What made you create this work as two pieces? Did you initially envision it that way or did one piece inspire the other?

    This is a “getting together” art and to me, getting together really makes an impact when there are longing and a sense of loneliness that happen beforehand. That’s what I was trying to show, before the getting together and after.


    How long is the time between the two moments?

    The time lapse between the two panels could be seconds, minutes, or even hours. I have no doubt that Holmes could keep that pose for hours.

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