Last Glimpse - ireallyshouldbedrawing

    Last Glimpse – ireallyshouldbedrawing

    What was the inspiration behind this piece?

    This was an entry for Holmesfest on LiveJournal and Hardboiledbaby, the recipient, asked for angst. I went with the easy way out and drew Reichenbach.

    A lot of us root for Watson being the one left behind, but what about Holmes who knew he was facing a possible death, and not being able to tell Watson about it without endangering him?  All the things unsaid, all the things that could’ve been. But I’d like to believe that Holmes’ optimistic side trusted he could survive Moriarty and come back to Watson, eventually. That’s where the caption came from.

    I decided on black and white because they’re simple yet strong and worked perfectly for angst themes.


    Does your creation process differ when you create art based on fanworks? 

    I think creating fanwork based on prompt or canon is not that much different. Unless I’m literally translating canon into a drawing, then it’s easier because I don’t have to think about content.


    Has anyone created fanworks from your works?

    Yes, they have! Scullyseviltwin wrote a scene in her story “But a Flesh Wound” based on a Sherlock art (the very first time someone wrote something inspired by my art! I still feel honored). Her 35k goodness called LHR-HNL was also based on a Sherlock piece. She’s amazing. There was also Neverever’s Modern Love from the Cap/IM Reverse Bang and a really cute Clark/Bruce fic by Meduseld, Shut Up and Dance with Me.


    Which of your fanworks would you most like a story written about?

    Anything from the Iron Man Noir tag, please! There should be more Iron Man Noir!Steve/Tony stories.


    I can’t argue with that! 🙂 Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me about your work! 

    You can find more beautiful art by fictionforlife on her art blog ireallyshouldbedrawing, and her art/fic collaborations on AO3. Check out her society6 shop to purchase her fanwork as t-shirts, prints, mugs, and much more!

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