Aperitivo (Face to Face) - Pangaea Starseed

    Aperitivo (Face to Face) – Pangaea Starseed

    This piece is just stunning; I love the colors in this one and the detail. What about Mason Verger inspired you to create this piece? Is his pose (staring down the viewer) significant?

    Thank you ^_^ I just…  I just really love what an awful character Mason Verger is. I’ve always had a soft spot for nasty villains, and Pitt and Anderson have somehow made him likeable, while keeping him intensely vile. As a side note, I really feel that Mason in the show is a pussycat compared to Mason in the book.

    As for his straight on pose, I just really like the idea of the viewer before him, and the sensation of being pinned like an insect by his intense stare. He may be severely impaired, but he is by no means helpless.  


    What was your process with creating this work? Do you start with a sketch or do you work completely digitally?

    This was one of those pieces that I had completed in my mind before even beginning to draw.

    I actually began by putting down a solid layer of bubble gum pink as a base palette guide. Then sketching out the composition ratio of Mason to headboard to mural . . . then filling in all the fun little details like his mask, his silver tray of pills, and the IV snaking from his arm.

    I had the most fun drawing his face and really trying to capture that expression or glittery eyed, impotent rage.


    We lost Verger this season in a truly spectacular and disgusting fashion.  Is this the last of your Verger homages? Are there other Hannibal characters that you’re planning to take on?

    There are two other Verger pieces in my repertoire . . . one is titled Enchanted and Terrified and the other is A Variety of Psychedelic Compounds both are under my Hannibal Art tag on my tumblr. Both deal with Mason’s mutilation . . . and I would love to draw more of him, but only when I’ve got a good idea so I don’t burn out on him.

    I would also love to draw more Abigail and Bedelia, honestly . . . but I’m still waiting for the muse to give me a solid vision for them . . . I’m very much in love with the scene in Dolce when Bedelia is about to inject herself, only to look up in the mirror and see Chiyo behind her. The colors and style of the scene reminded me very much of a JC Leyendecker drawing.

    Murder Tarts - Pangaea Starseed

    Murder Tarts – Pangaea Starseed

    This piece was inspired by a scene in emungere’s Hannibal fic “Blackbird”. Can you tell me more about the story behind this image?

    I love food. Despite being in this fandom, I never really get the opportunity to draw food as often as I’d like. emungere is an amazing author, and there was just something about the way Will and Hannibal’s application of whipped cream to their own tarts was described (with Hannibal being very careful and artful, and Will just drowning his) where I just had the thought of them characterized their desserts.


    Two (of the many) things that I love about your Hannibal work are your bold color choices and that you seem to play with a limited palette. The combination of the two makes your art pop. How did you develop that style?

    I’ve always loved working with color, but I realize now how undisciplined my choices used to be. Honestly, the palette memes on tumblr helped me in my early pop-color pieces, and then I began to make my own palettes as I gained confidence in values and temperatures of color.

    I also made a rule for myself to eliminate black and white from my palettes completely.

    It was fortuitous that around the time my color sophistication evolved, I fell head first into the Hannibal fandom.


    It is fortuitous! 😀 You’ve created a few works inspired by fan writers, coloredink, emungere… Is it a different process creating art from other fanworks?

    Yes . . . I’ve also recently added wwhiskeyandbloodd to that list with my latest spacedogs piece as well! My fanworks-based art must foremost be loyal to the source material . . . mainly in how solid the reality is in the story. Like in coloredink’s fic there are hallucinations, mysticism and religious fervor . . . so I felt I could get away with drawing something a little more discordant feeling. emungere’s fic was rife with symbolism, but not so much in magical realism. The spacedogs was played the most straight, with being a scene taken directly from the fic.

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