My Design My Heart- Pangaea Starseed

    My Design My Heart- Pangaea Starseed


    These two images follow an interesting progression. Did you create a narrative for this piece as you were creating them?  

    This was an odd one where the first piece just manifested completely finished in my mind, and during the process of making it, the second one came along and demanded to be, as well. For me it really plays on the twisted mysticism vibe that I got out of the first season of the show . . . and a continuation of an early theme my art had of surrender and possession between these two.


    What is it about the dynamic of Will and Hannibal that draws you to these characters?

    I’ve always loved partner-in-crime pairings where they find balance in each other . . . the characters are intensely flawed, and together they somehow fill the fissures and cracks that are present.


    Sadly, it seems like we are coming to the end of the Hannibal TV series. Are there other fandoms that you have your eye on, and might want to create for?

    Ugh, my heart! I honestly have no solid new-fandom plans at the moment, but I’m always open to inspiration finding me. Maybe I can get back into illustrating Frankenstein, and tarot decks. .

    My current course of action is to keep creating for Hannibal as long as I have the emotional and creative energy to do so, and so long as there are people who are receptive as well.

    Mads/Hannibal in Palette 1 - Pangaea Starseed

    Mads/Hannibal in Palette 1 – Pangaea Starseed

    As this piece is both Mads and Hannibal, does the story behind the image change depending on which person you are envisioning?  

    This was the piece of art that sent me tripping into the Hannibal fandom proper… I used my favorite picture of Mads Mikkelsen (at the time) as a reference so it began as a portrait of the actor, but then Hannibal elements snuck in . . . I think it’s always been both of them at the same time and it will always be that way.


    In a few of your Hannibal pieces, there is a halo that radiates out from the center and surrounds the characters. Does that have meaning? Is it just an aesthetic choice?

    Like the sacred heart imagery, it’s one part Catholic imagery that’s still kicking around from childhood, one part aesthetic, and another part a visual manifestation of the energy from within the subject.

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