Primavera - Pangaea Starseed

    Primavera – Pangaea Starseed

    This piece seems to be a take on the “Man Heart/Hart” Hannibal left in the cathedral for Will Graham in Primavera. The shape of Will Graham’s body is similar, though the three of swords could be seen as tarot imagery instead of religious. What is the story behind this piece?

    I am a complete tarot enthusiast, and have incorporated the visuals and meanings into my artwork for a very very long time . . . so when the show came along and made such a blatant reference with the Broken Hart tableau, I may have squeed. . .loudly. Plus I’ve never been able to resist making hearts in my Hannibal art if I can fit one in there.

    Upright, the three of swords card means painful separation, sorrow heartbreak, grief, and rejection…but reversed it means releasing pain, optimism, and forgiveness! But with poor broken Dimmond being upright, and in keeping with the tone of the episode…


    Have you incorporated tarot imagery in any of your other pieces, fanart or otherwise? Hannibal would make for an interesting tarot deck.

    When I was younger I actually made an entire Greek Mythology Major Arcana by hand with pen and ink, and watercolor. Since then it’s mostly been subtle references slipped into pieces, but this is the most blatant tarot imagery I’ve used in at least twelve years.

    And oh yes… very yes . . . a Hannibal tarot deck is something I would absolutely give my time and/or money to haha.


    Which tarot cards would you create for Will and Hannibal? Who are they in your Major Arcana?  

    For me, Will is mostly made up of the Fool and the Hermit. In that, he tries to be the Hermit but ends up the Fool. The main attribute of the Hermit is wisdom in solitude, but it can also mean isolation, loneliness, and withdrawal. The Fool is someone who goes blindly into a journey, and is all about naiveté and new beginnings. And the fact that The Fool’s number is zero, it can come at the beginning of the tarot, or at the end. Will is sent into the lion’s den of Hannibal’s office, and has his suspicions far far too late.

    I’d cast Hannibal as the Magician. The card symbolizes power, skill and manipulation. On this card The Magician is shown to have command over the four primordial elements of the tarot: cups/water, wands/fire, coins/earth, swords/air . . . so there is resourcefulness there as well. Plus Hannibal himself has some snake and wealth symbolism going on as well.


    Thank you so much Pangaea for chatting with me! It was an absolute delight!


    Pangaea Starseed is a mulit-talented, multifandom artist, and the creator of the webcomic Starseed. You can find their Hannibal and Star Trek art on tumblr. You can buy prints, bags, and t-shirts, (and even pillows!) of their fandom and Hindu art on Redbubble.


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