Vidders are kind of like magicians, transforming canon into something new, something completely different. They can conjure up any mood from images and music, flip angst to humor, humor to tragedy, build connections between characters where before there were none, and make you mash the replay button at the end of their stories, wanting to get lost in those few minutes once more.  

    A few months ago, I got lucky with another random fandom connection. Voordeel’s Kingsman fanvideo ain’t going back came across my tumblr dash, with reblogging comments ranging from: “If you only watch one fanvid today, MAKE IT THIS ONE!” to “Utter perfection” to “The rhythm, the way visuals and song combine and especially the use of the sync sound effects are just beautiful.” to  “MUST. WATCH. (take it from a person who doesn’t watch videos).”

    So I hit play, and yes, all of the above, and so much more!  Everything about the video was brilliant, and cool, and fluid, and exciting. A perfectly timed marriage of music and motion. Dialogue and sound effects punctuated the beat, each movement flowing into the next, and ending too soon. Voordeel keeps her videos under two minutes, “so the viewers won’t get bored,” she told me. But I think the brevity of her works just makes you want more.  I watched ain’t going back  about a dozen times, each time finding more and more things that made mirror Eggsy’s ending sentiment of “That is sick…”  

    Voordeel has ruined me with her visual magic and ninja-like editing skills.  In the few weeks that I’ve spent interviewing her, and the month before I got up the nerve to approach her for an interview,  I’ve watched her videos so many times that I am now a hardcore Stucky shipper, grow more obsessed with #MurderHusbands each time she posts a new Hannibal video, and I’m halfway through the first season of Black Sails.   

    When I asked her what she wanted people to ask her about her work she told me, “I just really want them to enjoy my vids! That’s all I could ever wish for. What I especially like is when I can inspire someone to watch the show (if they haven’t watched it before) after they saw one of my vids.”

    I had to laugh as (see above)  it seems I am living proof of the power of her work… I should probably get back to watching Black Sails

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    I’m going to start with my usual first question, what is the story behind your handle: voordeel? I also sometimes see it as voordeel.ts.

    The idea behind my channel name is actually really stupid. Since I’m not good with constructing any kind of original nicknames, I have this “scheme” for making them up – I pick up a random word, I go to Google translate, I pick up a random language – and if the translation seems kind of bearable for me – I take it!

    That’s how I came up with “voordeel” – it simply means “benefit” in Dutch. Why “benefit”? No idea! Why Dutch? Who knows! It’s just randomly random. I’ll add the “ts” thing occasionally, if “voordeel” is already taken. It’s also connected to one of my previous nicknames – those are the first and the last letters of a word in Latin.


    How did you get into fandom?

    Like many others I came into Harry Potter fandom first. It started becoming a huge thing as soon as the first movie arrived, and I just couldn’t miss it! I wasn’t creating anything myself back then, so I just harvested what other brilliant creators had made. Ohhhhh, what a time it was! Actually I still love HP fandom, and enjoy the awesome gif-sets and aesthetic collages whenever they pop up on my dash.


    What are you into now?

    One word – HANNIBAL!!! Good lord sweet baby Jesus! I mean have you seen the finale? It’s been more than a month ago and I’m still not over it!

    So of course I’ve started to make videos! I hope I’d come up with something nice! It actually feels like kind of a throwback to the time when I started to run my channel on YouTube – the first three videos that I uploaded there were Hannibal vids (Intro, Armies, and Wretched), and it was almost exactly two years ago.


    You’ve come full circle! Hannibal is such a brilliant fandom. There’s so much great stuff being created in that space right now. I’m always super impressed with everything I see.  So besides creating, are you into other Hannibal fanworks, like fanart or fiction? Are there artists or writers that you follow?

    Since I’m mostly into fanvids two names cross my mind –  Shainira and sivandivan. They are amazing, both in their own unique way and I totally adore their fanvids. Not only their Hannibal ones, but other fandoms too.

    One of my favourite vidders lookingforastar has also recently made an absolutely amazing Hannibal fanvid: will & hannibal; […lost to the sea} and it made me so happy, cause she’s one of the best fanvidders on YouTube in my opinion!

    Oh, and if you want a  proven way to make yourself drown in feels – rewatch the video if somebody hurts you by the genius KatrinDepp. It’s one of the most emotional fanvids ever created (I mean not only in Hannibal fandom), and it literally makes my heart ache every time I rewatch it.


    I know we’ve already talked about fanvidders, but I’d love to know whose work you are into or influenced by. Who else should we check out?

    Mwahahah! Honestly I think I could talk for HOURS about my favourite fanvidders. So I will choose just a few to discuss.

    If we’re talking about influence, there’s one who is the most important vidder for me – Pteryx. She’s amazing and she’s kind of an iconic vidder for me. She’s the first who comes to my mind when someone mentions fanvidding. And I would like to specifically mention her video, Run, boy, run | Doctor Who cause that’s when my love for her art began.

    Then there’s HoneyMonsterNoNo, whom I adore tremendously. Every fanvidder usually has one trend or specialty in fanvidding which they do the best. But HoneyMonsterNoNo literally rocks every trend. Her ability to make original stories like the Moriarty\Molly fanvideo devil makes us sin is like WHOA!!! HOW???  Her crack and humorous videos like her Ragnar\Athelstan crack vid Boring is pure gold. It inspired me to make Silver/Flint [Black Sails] || lonely boy! All of her amazing aesthetic videos, (check out her latest one i really wanna kiss you) makes her one of the best amongst the vidders.

    I also really like videos by Zurik 23M. He knows how to choose the best scenes for the video and he knows how to match them with the music in just in the right way. Personally for me his Space Multifandom video Space: Beauty and Darkness is one of my favourite videos ever on YouTube. Also he makes the best character tributes, for example if you watch his Athelstan Tribute Born Again I guarantee you’ll end up sobbing grossly. Very emotional stuff.

    Oh, and you should definitely check out Gwyn Go’s YouTube channel. Her vids have such perfect dynamics! The way she uses additional graphics and overlays and sound effects is so exquisitely good! Really love her style. She made the best Wanda x Pietro fanvid ever Flicker beatand her Harley Quinn Suicide Squad vid gives me life!

    So I’ve mentioned four of my favourite fanvidders, but there are so much more!


    Ah, I know Pteryx! I consider myself pretty clueless when it comes to who is creating in that space, but I subscribed to her channel years ago after seeing some of her Sherlock fanvids! Zurik 23M’s video sounds a little dangerous; I’m still not over Athelstan…

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