I’d love to know how you got started making videos, when did you start?

    I started making fanvids in 2013, when I entered the team for the Whitechapel fandom, (Whitechapel is an awesome British detective TV series) as fan artist for the Fandom Kombat 2013.  Fandom Kombat is a huge annual multifandom team challenge, where each team represents certain fandom. I was trying to create some fanart for my team when I thought “Damn! Those crappy drawings are not good enough; I’m not satisfied with my contribution at all! I need to make something else!”

    Before I started making fanvideos, I created some fanart stuff, I even had a gallery on DeviantArt. But I was never satisfied with the results of my work, so eventually I dropped it and deleted the gallery. But I still had this urge to create something. And since I always was a huge fan of fanvids, trying to create those seemed like a good idea and I thought I could give it a shot.

    So I installed Sony Vegas and started making videos. And I felt so inspired that I made four fanvideos for my team and finally felt pleased with what I’d done. I’ve never uploaded those videos on my channel by the way, not sure why. Maybe it felt like some kind of training for me, before I started uploading anything to my YouTube channel.


    Did you study any kind of filmmaking or art?

    I never actually studied art or editing. It was always like “I wanna do something – I do it!” and learn in process, so I’m 100% self-taught.


    That’s really cool! I love it when people are just like, “Never done it before, but I’m gonna do it anyway!” What does someone need to start?

    What someone needs to start is nice editing software, a fandom and an idea! Well and the music, yes. You can’t start editing unless you’ve found the perfect song for your idea.


    What tools do you use?

    The software that I use is Sony Vegas pro and there’s not much to add actually. While making videos I use the original sound of the source video and most of the time it’s enough for me. On occasion I use some additional sound effects, which I usually find on YouTube or elsewhere. And I’m totally not good with additional graphics so I don’t use them most of the time. It’s the skill I need to improve on.


    How do you learn new techniques and improve on your current ones?

    The most inspirational factor for this is watching videos by other vidders. You watch some good stuff and go all like “DAyuuumn how the holy hell did they do this?! I need to know it like right now!” And then you go on YouTube and search for tutorials. OR you kind of try to do it by yourself at random. Sometimes you get lucky!


    Do you have any tutorials that you’d recommend for vidders who are just starting out, or ones that you found helpful?

    I don’t use tutorials too often, so I’m not sure that I can recommend anything for beginners, but I really like HoneyMonsterNoNo’s tutorials, Tutorial 1, and Tutorial 2. Tutorial 1 helped me with my lonely boy fanvid!


    You talked about vidders being adept in a certain style or technique. How would you describe your style? It’s kind of a hard question!

    Yeah that’s a hard one! Well I’d say I always try to make vids synced to the music in the best possible way, so that I hope is the most distinctive thing about my fanvids I guess? But I cannot be sure since there’s no way a creator can be objective about what they made!


    That style definitely stands out in your work, the way you marry the visuals to the beat and music is really impressive… You also create a wide range of videos, from angst, to action, romantic, crack… Which genre do you enjoy making the most?

    Anything with action! There’s nothing more pleasurable to edit than nicely choreographed fight scenes. It’s easier to combine great fights and action with rhythmic music, so I’m usually more pleased with my action vids like Ain’t going back (Kingsman), Gonna do my thing (U.N.C.L.E) and I’m so sorry (Winter Soldier).

    I really would like to learn how to make angsty emotional vids, because I really love how other vidders make those, but it’s kind of not that easy for me. Oh and I would also like to learn how to make aesthetic vids with lots of complicated graphics. But it’s like a next level thing for me; there are a lot of things in vidding I don’t know yet.


    Most fic writers I know are extremely collaborative and supportive of each other, betaing and giving advice and help.  What is the vidder community like? Do people collaborate or beta watch for eachother (is that even a thing?)

    As far as I can see, the vidding community is very supportive and collaborative! The thing is – personally I don’t communicate with many vidders, so I don’t know much about the inner atmosphere of the vidding community. But I’ve seen a lot of times where vidders work together and support each other. For example there are a lot of collabs – videos made by different vidders together. When a few amazing vidders join their skills – the outcome is always breathtaking! Also sometimes other vidders host contests – they come up with the rules and even prizes – and it really unites the vidding community.

    Two of my favourite vidders – Pteryx and by pingvi  hosted a “Test Your Skills” contest and it was so interesting! For example, there was a round, where you had to choose one colour for the vid and try to pick shots that represent it. You can watch the entries in these playlists:  Test Your Skills. How amazing this is?!

    Oh and also there’s this thing where popular fanvidders promote amazing but not so popular vidders. This is a really nice trend and it helps the beginners to find their audience 🙂


    That is super cool! Yeah I’ve seen videos showcasing vidders with smaller audiences.  Grable424 did two rounds promoting vidders with under 1000 subscribers: Promoting Vidders: Volume 1 | Volume 2. It’s such a cool way to learn about people who might be flying under the radar.

    So, are there any upcoming shows or movies that you are looking forward to? Things that might inspire more videos?

    You never know beforehand what is going to inspire you to make a vid. The things I’m looking forward most of all are Season 3 of Black Sails and Captain America: Civil War, so I really hope they’ll inspire me to create something! (I also foresee they’ll break my heart and leave me drowning in feels, but that’s another story :D)


    What do you wish people would ask you about your art?

    There’s nothing in particular that I wished people asked about. I just really want them to enjoy my vids! That’s all I could ever wish for. What I especially like is when I can inspire someone to watch the show (if they haven’t watched it before) after they saw one of my vids.


    Well you succeeded with me! Watching your videos made me start watching Black Sails! I’m also counting down the days until Civil War. I’m unhealthily obsessed with Stucky at the moment.  I’m pretty sure that’s directly related to watching your Bucky x Steve || We Go Hard video…

    Speaking of which, I’d love to dig into some of your work!

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