This video incorporates a lot of cool graphical elements in it, like your creative use of text and graphics to emphasize unspoken emotions. It adds another layer to the video. What’s your process for designing the text and graphic elements of your videos?

    silver-flint-600Well that’s a tricky question, because for me there’s no specific scheme for making that kind of things. The ideas usually just pop up in my mind by themselves. Sometimes you just watch the scene and think to yourself “Hmmmmm… I think it’s missing something… like flying broken hearts? It would be so stupid, but whatever, I’m just gonna do it!” And that’s it! Well maybe it’s because I really love all kind of crack vids and they inspired me for adding those graphic elements to this one.

    I love how crack vidders can take some angsty or very serious scenes, add some unexpected graphics and totally mismatching music – and voila! The whole thing that brought you tears before now makes you laugh hysterically!


    Do you have a different approach when you make crack videos? Is it about finding the funny moments, or can you make any moment funny?

    lonelyboy-600Noooo, definitely not every moment can be funny! I don’t actually know how to answer the question about the approach, because for me the process of making humorous/crack videos is a total mess. And I don’t have much experience in that either, because I think I’ve made about three videos in that kind of direction. So I have to follow my intuition while making that kind of thing and hope for the best. 


    What was it about Black Sails that made you want to create for this fandom?  How long did it take before you started making videos for this series?

    Oh my God, I don’t even know where to begin, because Black Sails is one hell of a show! For me it was the biggest discovery of 2015, no other show that I watched this year had such an impact on me. Damn! I mean the script is OUTRAGEOUSLY good. The actors… I am literally not able to find the words to describe my admiration. Toby Stephens who plays James Flint is a freaking genius and has such mind blowing charisma, there’s no way you won’t fall in love with his character. Oh and Luke Arnold’s character – John Silver is my personal fave! In the beginning of the first season he’s such a sly ass and you kinda hate him, but then he evolves during the show and has such a powerful character development!

    Also for me as a vidder it was a pleasure to watch and make videos with it, because it was shot really beautifully! Breathtaking sights, juicy colours, widescale set – a feast for your eyes! It took me about couple of days before I decided to make a video, I felt really inspired! And the soundtrack!!!!!! As I mentioned before, just go and watch the Black Sails Opening Title Sequence – I have goosebumps every single time I watch it! (I actually just rewatched it three times!)


    Talking to you about this video inspired me to find the first season.  The opening credits are stunning, plus Bear McCreary does the music, and I love his work…  I heard they finished filming Season 3 and it got picked on for Season 4? Are you planning to go back to vidding for this series?

    HELL YEAH!!! I’m looking forward to it with all my heart!!! I saw some footage for the upcoming season… can’t wait!



    It seems like such a big undertaking working with so many fandoms! How did you decide which fandoms you wanted to use? Are these your main fandoms or did you choose them because they fit the arc of the video?

    The answer will be yes and yes! Those are fandoms which I’m passionate about (but not all of them of course, there are many and many more, that’ve been not included here), and all of them involve the image of a hero figure, whose life is a constant and never ending fight. This figure is a hero who faces loss of their loved ones and failure on their way. Some of them end dying tragically, some of them continue the fight, and some give up the righteous path. So yes, basically this video is about the challenges on the hero’s way in life.


    With so much source material how do you begin? Vikings, Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Black Sails have so many episodes, not to mention the hours of movie content. How do you find the perfect moments?

    Concerning this video – when I was listening to this amazing music I knew exactly where to start editing. It’s the part from 1:43 and onwards with “Our hopes and expectations…” lyrics. First of all because this part takes my breath away every time I listen to this track, and also because when I heard it, the specific scenes just lined up in my head. The fall of Steve Rogers (Marvel), the fall of Ragnar (Vikings), of James Flint (Black Sails), the death of Enjolras (Les Mis) – those moments of desperation, so deeply emotional and kind of symmetrical visually – it’s like they were meant to be there, intertwined and combined with this music. So first of all I edited this part, and the rest of the video grew around it.


    That’s interesting that you mentioned that you started from the middle in this and built out from the part that was the most inspiring. I always naively assumed that one went from beginning to end. Do you often create this way, from the middle?

    Of course! I think that’s actually the only way I create my videos – I pick up my favourite part of the song and choose the scenes to match it and only after that I start editing the other parts of the song. And since my favourite part of the song is never the beginning, I do the middle of the song first.


    Do you have any more multifandom videos planned? Which fandoms would you pick for your next one?

    At the moment I’m not planning on making any more multifandoms really, it’s just a lot of work to do actually and I don’t feel that I can pull it off right now. 😀

    But if I was making another multifandom video, I would probably choose to make some dark aesthetic stuff, maybe a mix of Hannibal, Penny Dreadful, Supernatural, and Doctor Who (it has a lot of dark themes even if it’s a family show.) I’ve even made a Doctor Who Horror story fanvid before.


    Very cool, I have much more to check out!  Thank you so much for talking with me and letting me share your work! I’m such a fan of your work and I’m really looking forward to all of your upcoming videos!



    You can find all of voordeel’s brilliant work on her YouTube channel. She’s been on a Hannibal fanvid kick recently and the results are awesome! You can also find her on tumblr, and vimeo, and send her questions and kudos via Ask.FM.


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