I’ve been collecting articles on fandom and fan creators for about 3 years now,  so I figured it was about time to pull them together in one easy to find place.  Fandom/Media is a weekly roundup of news stories from around the world that cover fandom, fan fiction, and fan creators. Although not always positive, they are definitely interesting.


    Sunday, August 14

    Extreme Japan Fandom: Ita Bags | Michelle Nguyen – Geek

    What are bags for? To put things inside of. What do the Japanese otaku do? The exact opposite.Wear your 2D love on your sleeve, so to speak, with an ita-bag: a monstrosity of fandom that decorates the outside of your carrying devices with such weight of love that it pains you.

    Fan-fiction writers can’t help wondering what if? | Atiya Irvin-Mitchell | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    What if Harry Potter’s parents lived? What if Spock and Captain Kirk were in love? What if Joan of Arc was a woman of color hearing the voice of God in 21st-century New York instead of 15th-century France?

    For readers and writers, there is a place made up of such what ifs — fan fiction.

    Monday, August 15

    Ms. Marvel Reads Fan Fiction in ALL-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT AVENGERS ANNUAL #1 (Review) | Blair Marnell | Nerdist

    Fan fiction has been a staple of hardcore fandom for decades, but it’s only been acknowledged in some of the properties that inspired it within the last few years. This week’s All-New, All-Different Avengers Annual #1 offers up Marvel’s take on fanfic, with several big name creators contributing short stories.

    Tuesday, August 16

    Harry Potter and the Possible Queerbaiting: why fans are mad over a lack of gay romance – Ilana Masad – The Guardian

    Last week’s release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the script of the new story from JK Rowling’s beloved wizard, caused the expected stir – but for reasons unanticipated. As the text landed in bookshops around the world, accusations began flying as readers debated whether the two young characters – Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter – were an example of “queerbaiting”.

    9 New York Television Festival Pilots to Put on Your Radar | Alamin Yohannes | NBC News

    “Truth Slash Fiction”: Tim Rosser, Daniel Schloss and Charlie Sohne created this series, which centers on a young girl who loves a band called Truth. She thinks she’s found her tribe when she meets a group of writers who also love the band, but things take a turn when she learns the group writes erotic gay fan fiction featuring the members of Truth. The series is inspired real-life communities that write erotic gay fan fiction.


    Wednesday, August 17

    Why the ‘Criminal Minds’ Fandom Is Torn in Two | Kristin Yoon Soo Kim | Complex

    “The fandom is pretty divided over this,” Jordan tells me. “There are some that are having trouble separating Thomas from the character of Hotch, and that’s making tempers flare on his behalf. There are some that are blaming the victim, saying Virgil Williams instigated it.” She continues, “To me, it doesn’t matter who’s more popular here—one person was allegedly assaulted, the other was not.

    God’s gift to fan art made a fake trailer for a Firefly animated series | Tasha Robinson | The Verge

    Artist Stephen Byrne apparently lives in a different world from the rest of us. Specifically, the world where everything that fandom loves eventually becomes an animated series.

    Thursday, August 18

    A Harry Potter fan wrote a tear-jerking epilogue to George Weasley’s story | Huw Fullerton |Radio Times

    Of all the tragic moments in the Harry Potter series, the demise of Fred Weasley in The Deathly Hallows probably hits the hardest. Struck down in the battle for Hogwarts, his passing leaves his twin brother distraught and lonely and we’re told that he never fully gets over the loss, despite continuing their joke shop business with Ron and finding new happiness with his wife Angelica and son (named Fred after his brother).

    Friday, August 19

    From Bieber to K-Pop, how fanfic predicts popularity | Oliver Franklin-Wallis | Wired

    Wattpad’s army of enthusiasts don’t just write – they know what teens actually like.

    Bel Watson is a 25-year-old Chilean author with over 30 titles and 100 million readers – but you won’t find her on Amazon. She’s onWattpad, an online writing platform popular for fan-written fiction (fanfic).