FANDOM/MEDIA is a weekly roundup of news stories from around the world about fandom, fan fiction, fan art, and fan creators. I so love this stuff… This week we have an interesting mix of articles, from stat analysis about which fandom has the  smuttiest fic, to clashes between rival Telugu film stars turning deadly, to an outsider’s oggling at the weirdy weirdness of slash, and more. Plus we dust off a 2014 opinion piece by Beth Ann Jones from the wayback archives about slash fiction and the shaming of women in the Sherlock fandom.


    Sunday, August 21

    Sports fan fiction: Where fandoms script the lives of their favourite sportspersons | Tanya Kini | First Post

    The sports fandom is fiercely passionate and sometimes draining, and each sport has its set of crazy and loving fans who will stop at nothing to defend their favourite ‘ships’ or fantasy relationships, OTPs (One True Pairing) and teams.

    Book review: ‘Gena/Finn’ depicts world of media fandom | Morgan Suity | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    Finn, short for Stephanie, just graduated from college. She’s moved to California to be with her boyfriend, Charlie. She’s employed as a barista, barely scraping by to pay her bills. The one thing they have in common is their love of the TV show “Up Below.” They both belong to the show’s online fandom.


    Monday, August 22

    J.K. Rowling, creator of the Harry Potter universe, is no longer its god | Abby Ohlheiser | The Washington Post

    While the vast majority of Rowling’s readers have probably never ventured onto a “headcanon” Tumblr or bought a Wizard Rock album at LeakyCon, the core Harry Potter fandom has a presence on the Internet like no other. The huge fandom dragged fan fiction culture from the online fringes into the mainstream, as a generation of insatiable readers filled the gaps between Rowling’s books by reading and sharing their own stories, ranging from the creative and imaginative to that of, uh, questionable literary merit.


    Tuesday, August 23

    Pop Surrealist Chris Bodily Talks Salt Lake Comic-Con | Salt Lake Magazine

     “When fan art’s done well, it doesn’t purport to be original, it’s an homage to the people who are creating these things, so that’s the payoff when you can connect with these people, they see your work and are flattered by what you’re doing.”


    Wednesday, August 24

    What Fanfic Pairings Inspire The Steamiest “Ships”? | Allie Manning | Vocativ

    Everyone has their own opinions on who the ultimate OTP is, but to figure out which one fanfic communities sexualize the most, you have to turn to hard data. A new analysis from Witch Sandwich, a site that proudly boasts itself as “your source of nerdy fanfiction stats,” reveals which “ships” (imagined romantic relationships between fictional characters) are the smuttiest.

    Inside the Spectacularly Bizarre Uber-Fan Subculture of ‘Shipping’ | William Hicks | Heatstreet

    Wherever there are hints of sexual tension in a book, movie or television show, there will always be shippers. They can be described as uber-fans who pair or ‘ship’ two fictional characters together in a romantic relationship, and then obsess over that mental image becoming a reality. Many shippers draw saucy fan art, write sultry fanfic, and at times freak out when their ship doesn’t pan out.

    Twin Peaks Festival Diary: Inside The Fandom That Brought A Show Back To Life | Andy Hazel | Junkee

    I’ve just arrived at the Salish Lodge in Snoqualmie, Washington — better known in popular culture as the Great Northern Hotel, a key site in the TV series Twin Peaks. Right now, the Lodge is home to around 80 fans and it quickly becomes apparent this festival is almost more about the fandom than the show.


    Thursday, August 25

    Fan-made ‘Star Trek’ sets become tourist attraction in NY | Michael Hill | Star Tribune 

    They were pioneers in the flourishing culture of Star Trek fan films. But the atmosphere in their little universe chilled in December after Paramount Pictures and CBS Studios filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the makers in California of a planned fan film that raised more than $1 million on crowdsourcing web sites.

    Suspenseful New Film ‘The Hacker’ is Set to Be Released | BayStreet

    The film, which is inspired by her “Loyal in Adversity” Bondlock fanfiction story promises plenty of suspense and intrigue. Colin is being held captive by a government official who has the ability to give the teen a second chance at life, or ruin it forever. Schnorrer expects that the newly released film will appeal to the passionate fanfic readers, as well as people who are already fans of the Bond-Sherlock inspired genre.

    When fandom turns deadly: Violence, caste and the ugly side of Tollywood | TS Sudhir | The News Minute

    Pawan Kalyan who visited the grief-stuck family told his fans to “focus on building their own lives instead of killing in the name of fandom” and engaging in meaningless one-upmanship battles. Tollywood, understandably is worried about the dent to its brand equity if street battles of a violent sort are engaged in for the sake of reel heroes.


    Friday, August 26

     Fan artist fuses Pokémon into creatively cute combinations | Jamie Koide | Rocket News 24

    In the past, we’ve seen cosplay inspired by Pokémon fused with other games, but it turns out that there’s a whole other world of fan art featuring Pokémon fused with other Pokémon, too.


    Saturday, August 27

    Things We Saw Today: Vintage Star Trek Con Footage Reminds Us FandomNever Dies | Carly Lane | The Mary Sue

    Granted, I might be new to the Star Trek fandom, but if there’s one thing that keeps me coming back to conventions every year it’s the knowledge that I’m going to be amongst kindred spirits. Whether you’re a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, Supernatural or something else that starts with S, the best part of fandom is being able to find your people at a con–and that’s just what this footage of a 1976 Star Trek convention in Colorado reminds me of.

    Special Release: Making Fandom More Welcoming | The Mike | Full of Sith

    Bryan and Amy did a panel at Star Wars Celebration about making fandom a more welcoming place. This is their discussion, an important one for Star Wars fandom.


    The wayback archives… (2/18/2014)

    Johnlocked: Sherlock, Slash Fiction And The Shaming Of Female Fans | Beth Ann Jones | New Left Project

    Portrayals of female fans in the media and elsewhere have always erred towards the sensational, drawing on women’s sexuality – whether too much or too little – and our apparent inability to differentiate between reality and fiction.


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