So a few days ago I realized that These Curious Times was going to turn one on September 1, 2016, so I thought I’d say hello and thank you for visiting the site and reading about the fandom people things. Actually my first thought was, “SHIT SEPTEMBER FIRST IS IN THREE DAYS MAYBE I SHOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!”

    It’s kind of strange that I’ve had this site up for a year already (and that I only realized this fact  3 days ago…) This was a project borne out of wanting to turn my love for fandom into something tangible, and to point and wave enthusiastically and say thank you to the fan creators whose art/writing/vids/cons/stats/meta and more that I love.

    Thank you to everyone who was open to chatting and collaborating with me throughout the interview process, and thinking me not too weird for fangirling at them and wanting to share with others why I thought they were the bee’s knees, (especially back when I didn’t have a website to prove that I wasn’t a crazy stalker person…) Thank you to my dear friend eKo for designing my logo (that groovy one above) and fandom monster, and Diane Q for striking up an art partnership with me and creating the signature look of this site with her groovy faux-papercraft.  I love her art so much and I’m still amazed that she’s been working with me for this long.

    I’m starting to pull together ideas for the first interviews of year two (while trying to muster the courage to reach out to more cool fandom folks.) So please watch this space. I promise to put more fandom people things in it.

    Here’s to year one! I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for stopping by.

    (Sept 1, 2015 – Sept 1, 2016)


    Fan Works: