FANDOM/MEDIA is a weekly roundup of news stories from around the world about fandom, fan fiction, fan art, and fan creators. I so love this stuff… Apologies for the delay, work ate up all free time I had, so I’m a few days behind. Kind of a quiet week, with the final stragglers of fandom coming in from the Star Trek 50th. From the wayback archives I dug up one of my favorite episodes from The PBS Idea Channel about fanfiction, representation and what it meant for Korrasami to become canon. (Flagged my faves of the week with ** in case you only have time for a few.)

    Sunday, September 11

    **Three generations of Trek fandom (and non-fandom) in the family | Nathan Matisse | Ars Technica

    In two of the nerdiest newsrooms I’ll ever enter—Wired (2011-2012) and Ars Technica (2012-present)—I always identified as a bit of an outcast. I never felt unworthy because I stuck with standard issue OSes or relied on a Nokia 2320 through 2014. Rather, my anxiety existed because I started at Wired as a pop culture reporting intern yet lacked expertise in one crucial genre: sci-fi.


    Monday, September 12

    Star Trek 50th Anniversary — The Latest Example of a Corporate Creator Failing Fandom | Kayti Burt | Den of Geek

    Frankly, Star Trek deserves better. Let’s take a look at what Paramount and CBS has done to mark the 50th anniversary year and all of the ways in which they are missing a great opportunity (both financially and culturally) to mobilize the Star Trek fandom…

    Monday Musings: Empathy and Fandom | Josh Clement | Canis Hoopus

    It’s easy to feel connected to the players on our favorite team or those that we are “fans” of in our digital and social media age. We can follow along as Karl-Anthony Towns plays Call of Duty with Michael Phelps and Marshawn Lynch or keep up with each update on Andrew Wiggins’ hairstyle. However, there is a disconnect in terms of us, as fans, in recognizing that these players whose lives we sometimes avidly follow and root for are actualized people, with their own struggles and triumphs outside of the Basketball court.


    Tuesday, September 13

    **How Harry Potter Fans Have Changed the Pop-Culture World | Laura Miller | Slate

    Heidi Tandy still remembers the dread she felt the day in 2002 when she received an official-looking email from Warner Bros., the studio that produced the Harry Potter films. Tandy was one of the founders of FictionAlley, a website dedicated to Potter fan fiction. 

    Carrie Brownstein Made This Brilliantly Creepy Short Film About Internet Fandom for Kenzo | Kristina Monllos | Adweek

    The six-minute effort, which the brand describes as “a surreal look at the invisible digital walls that separate us from our favorite personalities and icons,” imagines if we married the people we write “marry me” (in this case Kim Gordon) to online or if the women we commented “mom” (in the film it’s Natasha Lyonne) to on Instagram or Twitter became our mothers.   


    Wednesday, September 14

    These Weird Fan Festivals Are Expressions of Beautiful, Strange Love | Jamie Loftus | Inverse

    There are plenty of well-known fan conventions, most of which gather fans of genres and interests such as sci-fi, fantasy, sports, and comic books. Thanks in part to the internet, there are now plenty of other festivals for people with seemingly more niche interests. Here’s a look at some of the more unexpected conventions still running today.

    BUT I DIGRESS: Flaming youth – after 40 years of fandom, I finally met KISS | John Zavacki | Nepa Scene

    Discovering KISS was the very first epically transformative life event I experienced, and I have loved them ever since. From the second I heard Eddie Balandas inform me that I wanted the best and I got the best, I vowed that someday, somehow, I would meet them!


    Thursday, September 15

    Investigating Sherlock’s 6 most outrageous fan theories | Tom Eames | Digital Spy

    From current mysteries to secret alliances, here are just some of the very best of Sherlockfan theories. Some of which would earn you a Sherlock verbal smackdown for suggesting, while others are actually quite believable.


    Friday, September 16

    How fan fiction about One Direction changed Anna Todd’s life | Tatin Yang | Philippine Daily Inquirer

    Todd, an avid romance reader, was also a huge fan of One Direction. One day, her cousin showed her an Instagram photo of Harry Styles and Liam Payne, but it wasn’t the photo that captured her attention, but rather the caption. The blurbs turned out to be a passage from someone’s fan fiction about One Direction, and Todd opened up an Instagram account to hunt the story down.

    Louis Tomlinson Bans “Larry” From His Instagram & Gets Trolled Hard | Rebecca Macatee | E Online

    You won’t find that five-letter word anywhere in Louis Tomlinson‘s Instagram comments. “Larry,” in case you somehow didn’t know, is the nickname used to ship Louis and Harry Styles as a couple (which they’re most definitely not—the only place Larry is real is in fan fiction). Louis apparently got tired of being inundated with Larry comments, so he blocked the word from showing up using Instagram’s new anti-troll tool.


    The Way-Back Archives: (2/11/2015)

    **Love Bending and Fan Fiction with Korrasami | PBS Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

    FAN FICTION! The wonderful domain of art and creativity where all of our dreams about all of our favorite characters come true. Harry and Draco, Luigi and Peach, and more recently Korra and Asami! Korrasami, colloquially, is a popular fandom that has sprung up in the wake of The Legend of Korra. It’s popularity may be indebted to a lot of different factors, but, more importantly, it’s popularity demonstrates the NEED and WANT for meaningful female relationships in media!