FANDOM/MEDIA is a weekly roundup of news stories from around the world about fandom, fan fiction, fan art, and fan creators. I so love this stuff…   #truthslashfiction got a boost this week, trending worldwide and getting multiple writeups in Teen Vogue, Unreality TV and more. (I’m super interested to see if the pilot finds a home, and if so where? MTV seems like it could be a good fit…) This week’s way-back is a series of brilliant deep dives into fandom/fan creators that Vulture did in March of 2015. Essays range from: “The fanfiction boom is reshaping the power dynamic between creators and consumers.” to “A Fanfiction Syllabus: Ten classics that cover the history, breadth, and depth of the form, with original custom-designed covers.” to “Harry Styles Rules the World:Fanfiction by the numbers.” Check. It. Out. – curious 2016


    Sunday, September 18

    Truth Slash Fiction Is The TV Show Larry Shippers Have Been Waiting For | De Elizabeth | Teen Vogue

    Truth Slash Fiction is a new TV series that centers around a 16-year-old girl named Emma Jacobs who is ~obsessed~ with the fictional boyband, Truth. The band is modeled after One Direction, and Emma eventually joins a group of fans who write slash fiction (A.K.A. erotic gay fan fiction) about the band members.

    **Overwatch: A World Fans Built | Lucy O’Brien | IGN

    In Overwatch’s fandom, several romantic couples dominate fan-fiction and sites like Deviantart. As is often the case where developers leave their characters’ sexuality unspecified, the most popular of these are queer; not unusual for a large amount of the population who rarely see themselves in fictional media.


    Monday, September 19

    Dash Shaw’s Graphic Novel Cosplayers Delves Into the Weirder Side of Fandom | Evan Narcisse | io9

    In costume or not, most folks who pile into fan gatherings and enthusiast conventions operate well within predictably expected ranges of behavior. But some folks… don’t. Now a new graphic novel offers a peek inside their heads.


    Tuesday, September 20

    Here’s What the Unseen Kessel Run in ‘Star Wars’ Sounds Like | Caitlin Busch | Inverse

    “There are so many moments that never ended up on film,” Matt Hawken told Inverse, “Like the Kessel Run … or Admiral Ackbar’s backstory. While some people may write or draw these nonexistent scenes, I started to imagine them the only way I know how: which is with music!”

    **This Is How Star Trek Invented Fandom | Molly McArdle | GQ

    This is what Star Trek fandom looks like a half century out: dizzyingly diverse, good-willed, extraordinarily (if inadvertently) influential, equal parts goofy and moving. But conventions, like weddings, are expensive and labor-intensive events that paradoxically celebrate something freely and effortlessly given—affection.

    See the New Video for “Waving Through a Window” from Dear Evan Hansen | Olivia Clement | Playbill

    The music video is inspired by and includes fan art for the new musical and also includes footage of Platt in the recording studio. Sparked by a real-life death at Pasek’s high school more than a decade ago, Dear Evan Hansen follows one student’s struggle for identity amidst the ensuing chaos.


    Wednesday, September 21

    The Legend of Zelda meets Hayao Miyazaki in this incredible fan trailer | Sarah Weber | The Daily Dot

    The YouTuber Matt Vince said he created the video to highlight posters he made for a dreamed of Legend of Zelda movie by Miyazaki. He adds that the trailer is just a concept, not something he plans to expand into a full-length feature.


    Thursday, September 22

    Fanfiction: A billion-word phenomenon | Ram Sarangan | The Indian Express

    A large number of Indians have also begun reading and writing fanfiction – This ranges from writing on popular series like HP or Twilight in Hindi and other Indian languages, to writing on Indian movies to the point where a separate category called Bollywood fanfiction is steadily rising.

    Eat waffles and battle the Demogorgon in this fan-made ‘Stranger Things’ game | Bonnie Burton | CNet

    “We’ve been following other people’s fan art, and saw a few games only to find out that they weren’t actually playable,” Gasbarro said. “So we thought, ‘Let’s give the people, aka us, what they want.’ The original Pac-Man in 8-bit felt like a natural extension of the show so we went with that style.”


    Friday, September 23

    Mystery and TV Fandom: Why There Will Never Be Another Lost | Roxanne Sancto | Paste Magazine

    When Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on a seemingly deserted island on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004, our perception of what constitutes a solid, game-changing TV show went up in flames. With each episode this realization became stronger; with every season finale our suspicions were reconfirmed: Lost is not just a TV show.

    Special Release: Fixing Fandom – Ending Bullying and Gatekeeping | Full of Sith

    Perhaps the most important panel at SLCC, Bryan led this discussion on bullying and gatekeeping in fandom with Stuff You Missed in History Class’s Tracy V. Wilson, Dawn Pink, film critic Adam McDonald, political scientist Debra Jenson, and Geek Therapist’s Aaron Burton.

    Alright! ‘Bob’s Burgers’ fan art on display in New York City | Chase Hill | New York Daily News

    John Roberts, star of ‘Bob’s Burgers’ and voice of Linda Belcher was on hand at Spoke Art Gallery in New York City to show us his favorite ‘Bob’s Burgers’ fan art. Take a look at some of the fan-made art on display (and for sale) from the show and make sure to stop by Spoke Art Gallery in Manhattan, September 24th through October 16, 2016 to see the art in person.


    The Way-Back Archives: (3/11/2015)

    **It’s a Fanmade World From One Direction to Soderbergh: The Fan Culture Revolution.  | Vulture

    Laura Miller unpacks the tense tug-of-war between artists and their creations’ biggest admirers;  your fanfiction reading list;  Steven Soderbergh said he was done making movies. He didn’t say anything about remaking the ones he loves;  the video-game obsessives who bootlegged Nintendo;  the dudes remaking Hollywood blockbuster trailers on no-budget;  how DC’s Suicide Squad inspired a (better) indie comics hit. Plus: Dead Heads’ psychedelic mail;  is Anna Todd the next EL James?;  Harry Styles, literary muse.