FANDOM/MEDIA is a weekly roundup of news stories from around the internet about fandom, fan fiction, fan art, and fan creators. I so love this stuff… A lot of the news this week surrounded the blowup over the Demi Lovato’s v. fanartist incident. The uproar kicked off with her negative reaction to a fan artist’s portrait of her as a mermaid, which she felt did not represent her actual body, then came the Twitter reaction/explosion to her reaction, then came the fan/media reaction to the Twitter reaction/explosion, and finally the fallout effect on Demi Lovato, which looks like she might pull away from social media. I’ve pulled only 2 from the dozens of articles which seemed to be less sensational and rubernecky.

    The wayback article is an interesting piece from the Chicago Tribune which starts on the clickbaity idea of women writing sexytimes self-insert Hockey RPF, but then the article actually goes deeper and covers a lot of interesting ground. It’s meant for folks who are unfamiliar with fanfiction, but covers a good/diverse range of topics. Plus it has a 40+ gallery of Blackhawk players Patrick Kane and Johnathan Towes which made me wonder if the writer curated all of these bromancy pics himself. Good on you sir… (**before my faves of the week…)


    Sunday, October 2

    Being a young obsessed fan once is part of who you are now | Alice Clarke | Herald Sun

    Fans are weird, obsessive creatures. Their enthusiasm is mocked pretty openly by people who don’t understand their dedication. Even fans who have intense passion for one thing will mock other fans of something else, because they see loving their thing as normal and easy, and loving anything else as weird.

    Photo: Stranger Things/Legally Blonde 2 | Caroline Siede | A.V Club

    Australian writer Kaitlyn Plyley turned her fan theory into a piece of fan-fiction that exists somewhere between being tongue-in-cheek and genuine. In Plyley’s imagining, Eleven takes the last name Woods to remind her of all the good times she spent with Mike, Lucas, and Dustin in the forest.


    Monday, October 3

    The curious case of Tamil fandom | Janani K | Deccan Chronicle

    Fans screaming at the top of their voice, life-size banners, horns blazing, people dancing to the tunes of the chenda melam and not to forget the paal abhishekam — this is how a typical first day first show (FDFS) of a leading actor is celebrated across the state.


    Tuesday, October 4

    The ‘Stranger Things’ Meets ‘Legally Blonde’ Fan Theory Makes So Much Sense | Courtney Lindley | Bustle

    Australian writer, Kaitlyn Plyley, published a piece of fan fiction on her blog that explored the idea, and, yeah, it’s a radical one, but more radical than a Demogorgon? Or an Upside Down world? Or Eggos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Kidding. That last one’s not radical at all.

    Benedict Cumberbatch Accepts His Obsessive Fans, But, Reasonably, Not When His Family Is Brought Into The Mix | Daniela Cabrera | Bustle 

    One of the most notorious fan bases is that of Benedict Cumberbatch, the Cumberb*tches, who I first heard of after I became a Tom Hiddleston fan. Hiddlestoners and Cumberb*tches run in similar circles, and some of them have taken fandom to dizzying and somewhat bizarre heights.

    Demi Lovato Gets Drawn as a Mermaid, Hurts an Artist’s Feelings, Then Gets Fat Shamed | Julie Ricevuto | Yahoo Beauty 

    Celebrities often have quite the strong base of fans who would do almost anything to show their support for their favorite performer, with one of the most popular forms being fan art. However, when one artist, Vladimir Serbanescu, a 17-year-old artist from Romania, drew singer Demi Lovato as a mermaid, he didn’t exactly receive the positive reaction he had expected from the star.


    Wednesday, October 5

    **Demi Lovato Sacrifices Pop Stardom for Protest | Spencer Kornhaber | The Atlantic

    Demi Lovato, the former Disney Channel actress turned platinum-selling, White House-performing singer, has passionate fans. Some of them make art about her, as fans do. Lovato this week criticized one work of fan art, as pop stars typically don’t do.

    **For Women of Color, the Price of Fandom Can Be Too High | Angelica Jade Bastien | New Republic

    Wonder Woman is finally hitting the big screen next year for the first time in her 75 year history, Ta-Nehisi Coates is currently at the helm of the Black Panther series for Marvel, and Neflix’s Luke Cage features several complex black women who steal the spotlight from the titular hero. But as minorities gain prominence within geek properties, the blowback against this progress has increased in kind, especially within the fandom itself.

    Get Spooky: Haunted Mansion Fandom Launches Fundraiser to Complete Documentary | Jessica Lachenal | The Mary Sue

    Disney’s Haunted Mansion is a gosh darned institution. So it figures, then, that there’s a particularly dedicated fandom standing right behind it. It also figures that this same fandom would be working to try to get a documentary made about their much-beloved attraction.

    **The Real Business Behind Fantasy Food | Christina Troitino | Forbes 

    Recent consumer behavior suggests that some of the most influential and enticing food media can actually be found in animated television shows and movies , wherein fictional food containing imaginary ingredients or made with fanciful processes encourage viewers to fantasize about the taste and experience of eating said unobtainable dishes. And the fandom industry has taken notice.

    Blue Jays beer-throwing scandal: Drinking, sports fandom a match made in hell | Cam Cole | The Toronto Sun

    We may not understand fully grown humans who paint their faces, shout “Baba Booey!”, wear ridiculous costumes, band together for lewd chants, or are overcome with excitement and behave like five-year-olds when their faces are shown on the big screen in a stadium. But they are hardly crimes, and anyway, they are victimless.


    Thursday, October 6

    Backward ‘Slash’: Coming-of-Age Flick Offers a Half-Hearted Defense of Fan Fiction | Nathan Smith | The Knoxville Mercury

    Few of the Internet’s many subcultures are as massive, or as misunderstood, as the slash-fiction community. Slash fiction is erotic fan fiction that pairs otherwise uninvolved fictional or historical characters: Kirk/Spock, Dumbledore/Snape, the Skipper/Gilligan. I’m reluctant to invoke Internet Rule 34 (“If it exists, there’s porn about it”), but it applies here.


    Friday, October 7

    This Pretty Little Liars’ Fan Art Was Made for Ezria Shippers | De Elizabeth | Teen Vogue

    The PLL Army is known for their hardcore devotion to Pretty Little Liars. And when there’s no current season to watch, fans still want to fill their days with as much Rosewood as possible. The PLL fandom will scrutinize old episodes for as many clues as they can and they will not rest until they’ve dissected every scene, prop, and set piece. Additionally, the PLL Army really loves fan art.


    The Way-Back Archives: (05/01/2015)

    **Blackhawks fan fiction takes Toews off the ice | Christopher Borrelli | The Chicago Tribune 

    So, yes: While you weren’t paying attention, hockey fan fiction became a thing, a lively enough nook of the Internet to have even garnered its own website,, featuring hundreds of stories about many NHL teams, credited mostly to screen names such as Awkwardly Obscured and Hawksgirl1950. (The Blackhawks are aware of Blackhawks fan fiction, but a spokesman politely declined, twice, to discuss it.)