FANDOM/MEDIA is a weekly roundup of news stories from around the internet about fandom, fan fiction, fan art, and fan creators. I so love this stuff… Kind of a slow week for fandom news stories, (though a big week for fandom: Hello NYCC and all of your announcements and trailer drops and incredible cosplay! Hello suddenly 5 total Fantastic Beasts movies! Hello GeekGirl Con! ( Roundup and X-File fandom way-back goodness below!)

    Monday, October 10

    A Comic Con Virgin At NYCC 2016 – What I Experienced, What I Learned | Rich Johnston | Bleeding Cool

    New York Comic Con 2016 was my first time ever going to any kind of “geek” event. (Unless you count all the midnight releases I attended for the Harry Potter books and movies.) I’m very happy that I had the opportunity to spend time with my friend Amanda, interview people that amaze me, and sit at panels for subjects and shows that I’m passionate about.

    Grad student’s tattoo shows sign of fandom, self-confidence | Valerie Smith | The Tiger

    Karnes is a huge “Star Wars” fan from Bedford, Virginia, who has always wanted to prove her fandom with a tattoo. She wasn’t sure which character or design she wanted permanently etched into her skin until March of 2016, a few months after getting her bachelor’s degree. 


    Tuesday, October 11

    **Fandom, Nostalgia, and the Power of ‘Gilmore Girls’ | Alyssa Rasmus | Pop Matters

    As soon as Netflix approached the idea of rebooting the WB landmark series Gilmore Girls, the Internet went wild: hearts skipped beats and a dormant fandom began to awaken. Recently, across all 50 states, thousands of fans gathered to celebrate the anniversary of theGilmore Girls premiere on 5 October 2000, at Luke’s Diner pop-up shops. 

    Listen to This Mash-Up Album of Drake & Sufjan Stevens, Read Fanfiction About Their Imagined Relationship | Sandra Song | Paper

    Over the past few months, two mad geniuses running a Tumblr under the name “Riveyoncé Cuoknowles” wrote a 31-chapter fanfic saga about the (unsurprisingly) dramatic relationship between Drizzy and Stevens. And just when you thought a chapter about Sufjan picking a fight with Drake over lemon poppyseed muffins was too much, Riveyoncé Cuoknowles have released a compilation of remixes that mash-up the two imagined lovers’s individual back catalogs.

    10 Problems Only Flash Fans Understand |Eliza Thompson | Cosmopolitan

    1. Trying to understand time travel. The Flash is one of the only shows on the air that successfully incorporates time travel without making it extremely complicated, but even so, it can get hard to keep track of what happened in which timeline.


    Wednesday, October 12

    **GeekGirlCon panel highlights how there’s no age limit on being a fangirl | Lisa Granshaw | Blastr

    Do you ever worry about what it might be like to be an older woman involved in fandom, or that once you reach a certain age you should stop being a fangirl all together? If you do, worry no more, because the “Fangirling Over 30” panel at GeekGirlCon in Seattle last weekend showed attendees that you never have to stop being a fangirl and that fangirling over 30 is as awesome as fangirling at any age!

    ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Louden Swain’ Fandom Artist Scout Villegas | Paulina | Nerds and Beyond

    Nerds and Beyond will be hosting a new series featuring a different fandom artist each month. For our first month, we were fortunate enough to connect with Scout Villegas. Scout creates different Supernatural and Louden Swaininspired art pieces. She is a highly skilled artist with a unique style that is loved by many members of the fandom.


    Thursday, October 13

    World’s Greatest Archer: The Best Green Arrow Fan Art | Elle Collins | Comics Alliance
    For most of his history, Green Arrow was never quite an A-lister among DC heroes. In the Golden Age, he was in the Seven Soldiers of Victory rather than the Justice Society. He was a part of the Justice League in the Silver Age, but not a founding member. Like Aquaman, he survived the 1950s only because he was a backup character and nobody paid him much attention.

    Cubs Comeback Showcases The Birth Of Fandom | Matt Spiegel |

    Games 3 and 4 between the Cubs and Giants in San Francisco were absurdly intense, crazily compelling and ultimately thrilling. Game 1 last Friday night was phenomenal as well. What a series. Meanwhile, it happened, right before my eyes. I admittedly nudged it along, just a bit, but it happened to him. My not quite 5-year-old son is now smitten as a Cubs fan.


    Friday, October 14

    **Notes On the Narrative Conundrum of Baseball Fandom | Rolf Potts |Medium

    Baseball has, for at least the past century or so, distinguished itself by its uncanny ability to create vivid — and, at times, epic — narratives out of what is, in practice, a fairly tactical-statistical athletic contest.

    Hollywood Takes on Fan Fiction | Zach Weissmueller | Reason

    Since its launch in 1966, Star Trek has inspired creativity among its fans. Besides the soon-to-be six live-action television series and 13 feature films that make up the official canon, outsiders have invested time and treasure to produce myriad unofficial creations.

    Fan Art Friday #94: It’s Time for Inktober | Amy Ratcliffe | Nerdist

    Ah, October. The month brings the arrival of a cooler, crisper climate to many parts of the world and Halloween, a.k.a. pretty much the best holiday. But that’s not all! October is also Inktober. Chances are you’ve seen the hashtag around social media, or maybe you remember my post about Inktober from last year. Started by Jake Parker in 2009, the annual event challenges artists to draw something with traditional media every day of the month. 


    Saturday, October 15

    Evansville’s Tri-Con Unites All Different Kinds of Fandom | William Wolkoff | 44 News

    Dozens of fans descended on Evansville’s north side in costume, but it was not for an early Halloween party. Locals say Tri-Con is uniting all different kinds of fandom.  Those attending say, it’s more than just a bunch of people running around in costumes. 

    Convention celebrates the anime pop culture in Malaysia | Richard Chua | Star 2

    AMG took place over two levels at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre. The lower entry level comprises 3,000sq m of the main hall hosting the convention stage, exhibitors and creative art stalls, otherwise known as Doujin booths. Artists at these 120 booths offered fan art of popular anime, manga, games and even western comics in the form of prints, badges, charms, plushies and other homemade memorabilia.


    The Way-Back Archives: (05/01/2015)

    **How Horny X-Files Lovers Created a New Type of Online Fandom | Kate Knibbs | Gizmodo

    The show premiered in 1993, or several thousand space aeons ago in Internet Time, before Tumblr was even a twinkle in David Karp’s eye. Mosaic web browser had just debuted earlier that year. So had the Windows version of AOL. Still, the first X-Files online fandom groups started growing on Usenet and IRC within months of debut.