FANDOM/MEDIA is a weekly roundup of news stories from around the internet about fandom, fan fiction, fan art, and fan creators. I so love this stuff… Not surprising quite a bit of Cubs fandom in the news. Go figure ;-). Go vote everyone!

    Sunday, October 30

    Chris Colfer on how Glee relates to his new book | C. Molly Smith | Entertainment Weekly

    Stranger Than Fanfiction, he says, is “about these four kids and they’ve just graduated high school and they’ve spent their whole lives being obsessed with this television show. It’s about these four friends and they decide to go on a road trip to spend the last few days they have together and really celebrate their friendship before they go off to school and as a joke they invite the actor from the television show.


    Monday, October 31

    LINSEY | Top 10 Fandom-Worthy Teams | Kevin Linsey | The Cornell Sun

    For the casual fan looking to get into the game, I’ll count down 10 teams from 10 different world leagues that are worthy of your fandom. Success will not be the only category; dedication of the team’s fan base, the club’s ideals and team history also factor into these rankings. Perhaps, this column might help a few of you find a new favorite soccer club.


    Tuesday, November 1

    Cubs Fandom And The Psychology Of ‘Lovable Losing’ | Stephen Gossett | Chicagoist

    “The moniker ‘lovable loser’ — I hate it, but it means something… There’s a part of me that doesn’t want it to go away.” We’ve seen that very hand-wringing sentiment—expressed there by Cubs fan Raymond Fuller to the New York Times—echoed often in the run-up to the Cubs’ historic World Series appearance. The Daily Beast had a take, The Awl made reference not long ago and the Trib went long on Cubs fan identity and the allure of failure.


    Wednesday, November 2

    Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Mannat’ becomes epicentre of fandom on superstar’s 51st birthday | Zee News

    New Delhi: Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who turned 51 on Wednesday, has ‘jabra’ fans all across the globe. Be it his birthday or any festival, his supporters make sure they do not miss out on any opportunity to catch a glimpse of their favourite actor.


    Thursday, November 3

    Netflix, HBO, and the Bulls among the latest Fandom 250 nominees | Dan Selcke | Fansided

    This month, FanSided is revealing its picks for the top 250 fanbases in the world, whether they be for sports teams, TV shows, celebrities, and beyond. We’re rolling out the list 10 at a time. The full rankings will be unveiled on December 6th. This group includes a number of media giants and a collection of major basketball franchises.

    Five Nights At Freddy’s: Debate over Toxic Fan Base, New Custom Pack | Angeline Sajini Ramanan | Movie News Guide

    Debate over the behavior of Five Nights At Freddys fans has hit a new high with some demanding a ban on them. Developer Scott Cawthon explained his side on Steam Community forum. He says calling the entire fan base toxic is an ‘unfair generalization’. He added every fan base has a huge variety of ages, opinions, and maturities.

    This Harry Potter Fan Fiction Is Straight-Up Horrifying and Yet Oddly Erotic | Tara Block | PopSugar

    And you thought Drapple was weird. I learned a lot of things about the Harry Potter underworld attending LeakyCon this year, but perhaps the most fascinating tidbit came from one of the panelists, blogger and YouTuber Mark Oshiro of Mark Reads, who raved about his favorite Harry Potter fan fiction, “First Encounter” by Lyris Malachi.

    How Female Fans Made ‘Star Wars’ Their Own | Amanda Hess | The New York Times

    “Rogue One” stars Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso, the newest bold “Star Wars” brunette, and the conventional wisdom is that her very existence confirms the franchise’s recently enlightened embrace of strong female characters. But a vocal group of die-hard female “Star Wars” fans is asking for more.

    Friday, November 4

    Cubs euphoria masks precarious future for sports fandom | John Keilman | Chicago Tribune

    The Cubs’ World Series run this year provided months of magic for generations of long-suffering fans. The season began with optimism — realistic, for once — and carried the faithful from one thrilling game to another, all the way to an incomparably cathartic Game 7 victory.

    This Epic Star Wars Fan Film Is What Being a Filmmaker Is All About | Kenn Tam | |Fstoppers

    This behind-the-scenes video gives you a pretty good peek into the making of “Hoshino.” It touches on the film’s storyboard, visual effects, compositing, and the score session. But Fstoppers members demand just a little more. So, I hit Stephen up to get some extra insight into what it took to create this gem.

    When Harry Met Darcy | Gautama Polanki | Economic & Political Weekly 

    The emergence of a global fan culture is one of the visible consequences of the technologies of our time. Today, it is possible for television shows released in the United States to be watched on the same day in Chennai, Jakarta or Buenos Aires. The internet makes it possible for the garrulous fans of these shows to be in continuous conversation with one other, exchanging commentary, fan theories, cosplay photos, fan art, fan comics, and fan fiction. 


    Saturday, November 5

    The Cereal Sandwich at the Heart of Harry Potter Fandom | Claudia Morales | Extra Crispy

    The Harry Potter fandom’s flagship food wasn’t created by J.K. Rowling. It’s not the chocolate frog, or Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, or even Butterbeer. True to the community’s DIY ethic, it’s the Golden Snitchwich–a $3 peanut butter and Golden Grahams sandwich from the wizard punks behind Harry and the Potters.


    The Way-Back Archives: (03/15/2015)

    Lev Grossman, S.E. Hinton, and Other Authors on the Freedom of Writing Fanfiction | Emma Whitford | Vulture

    We tend to think of the fanfiction writer as an obsessed amateur, pounding away at the keyboard for sheer love of the subject. But professional authors are fans, too, and the following successful novelists have dipped their pens in the fic inkwell. Here’s what they had to say about the experience.