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    These Curious Times was created to celebrate the “fan” in fandom. Our goal is to showcase fans who create, consume, organize, and squee. We will share stories about fan artists, fan writers, crafters, podficcers, podcasters, vidders, cosplayers, acafans, meta creators, fan organizers and whatever other brilliant combination of fan and creator is out there.

    Fandom in the media is often viewed from the outside looking in, often misunderstood, and usually only scrapes the surface. These Curious Times hopes to flip that. We make stories about us, by us, because fans are awesome and we are all fans here.

    As this is kind of a one-fan show and I’ve been using the royal “we” in the above bits, new things may arrive a bit slow, but my goal is to make it steady… I already have a growing list of shiny things I want to make grabby-hands at. And it grows…

    My other of many goals is to make this as multifandom as possible and my range (if you haven’t sensed a theme) is a little Sherlock-centric so please feel free to rec cool things to me @  (

    “We” have fledgling social media things: tumblr | twitter | facebook

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